The Professional Education Seminars at APEC 2018 address the need for in-depth discussion of important and complex power electronics topics. Seminars are 3.5 hours in length, including breaks, and can range from broad to narrow in scope. They can vary from introductory to advanced in technical level, and complement the technical papers, special presentations and comprehensive exposition.

Track Session One Session Two Session Three
Sunday, March 4, 2018 Sunday, March 4, 2018 Monday, March 5, 2018
9:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 18:00 8:30 - 12:00
Fundamentals S01 S07 S13
Room 217D Room 217D Room 217BC
Fundamentals of Switch Mode Power Conversion Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility for Power Electronics Engineers Gate Driver Design for IGBT and SiC Based Power Devices and Modules
Bob White Graham Town David Levett
Embedded Power Labs, United States Macquarie University, Australia Infineon, United States
Design S02 S08 S14
Room 206 Room 214CD Room 217D
Modern Soft Switching Tecnologies New High-Frequency Magnetics Circuit Models Closing the Feedback Loop Through Simulation and Analysis
Ionel Jitaru Ray Ridley Christophe Basso
Rompower Energy Systems Inc., United States Ridley Engineering, US, United States ON Semiconductor, France
Reliability & Safety S03 S09 S15
Room 217A Room 217A Room 206
Thermal and Reliability Modelling of Power Electronic Systems Advanced Thermal Management Technologies International Product Compliance and Certifications - Safety and EMC Compliance 101
Amir Sajjad Bahman Peter Ritt John Allen{1}, Mark Montrose{2}
Aalborg University, Denmark Advanced Cooling Technologies, United States {1}IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society, United States; {2}Montrose Compliance Services, Inc., United States
Wide Bandgap S04 S10 S16
Room 214AB Room 214AB Room 214AB
WBG Switching Circuits: Design, Test, Devices and Applications Designing Reliable and High Density Power Supplies with GaN Maximizing GaN FET and IC Performance, Not Just a Drop in Replacement of MOSFETs
Edward Shelton{4}, Patrick Palmer{4}, Alan Mantooth{3}, Brian Zahnstecher{2}, Geoff Haynes{1} Paul Brohlin Michael de Rooij, Alex Lidow, David Reusch, John Glaser
{1}Inspirit Ventures, United Kingdom; {2}Power Rox Inc, United States; {3}University of Arkansas, United States; {4}University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Texas Instruments Inc., United States EPC, United States
Inverters S05 S11 S17
Room 214CD Room 206 Room 217A
High-Efficiency Single-Phase Inverter Design – VT-FEEC Approach for Google Little Box Challenge Power Semiconductors for Traction Inverters in Vehicles: from Discretes to Power Modules, from Silicon to Wide Band Gap Devices Optimizing Power Converter Topology and Module Selection in 1500V Solar Inverters
Jason Lai Andre Christmann, David Levett Kevork Haddad{2}, Bernhard Eichler{1}, Paul Drexhage{2}
Virginia Tech, United States Infineon Technologies Americas Corp., United States {1}SEMIKRON Elekronik GmbH&Co. KG, Germany; {2}SEMIKRON Inc., United States
Grid S06 S12 S18
Room 217BC Room 217BC Room 214CD
Power Quality Control in Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids Power Converters for Energy Storage Applications -Analysis and Design from Theory to Practice- Small-Signal Stability and Subsystem Interactions in Distributed Power Systems with Multiple Converters (II): 3-Phase AC Systems
Yunwei Li, Farzam Nejabatkhah Petar Grbovic Jinjun Liu{3}, Rolando Burgos{2}, Paolo Mattavelli{1}, Dushan Borojevich{2}
University of Alberta, Canada HUAWEI Technologies Dusseldorf GmbH, Germany {1}University of Padova, Italy; {2}Virginia Tech, United States; {3}Xi'an Jiaotong University, China