APEC 2018 Plenary Sessions are designed to cover the history of power, the current needs in energy efficiency and the future possibilities. The plenary is made up of several presentations from respected industry leaders. Each presentation is 30 minutes in length and allows for interactive Q&A at the end of each presentation.

APEC plenary session will take place Monday afternoon. Confirmed speakers and topics are as follows:

  • Adam L. Hamilton P.E., President and Chief Executive Officer, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®), Power: A Fundamental Ingredient of Advanced Science and Applied Technology
  • Dr. Muhammad Nawaz, Principal Scientist, ABB Corporate Research, Moving from Si to SiC from the End User's Perspective
  • P. Markondeya Raj, Associate Research Director, Georgia Tech - PRC, 3D Power Packaging made Real with Embedded Component and Substrate Technologies
  • Zoya Popovic, Distinguished Professor and Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, WPT: from W/cm2 Harvesting to kW Capacitive Vehicle Powering